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Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman site Leaderyoutube logo site Leader Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman cuts to the chase - nailing it 100% on Ukraine:
View this crucially important video above first!!

The "smoking gun" shows up - yet again - US Senator Lindsay Graham (a known warmonger against Russia) videotaped in Ukraine 2016 - pushing for attacks on Russian civilian areas in Ukraine!!!! "don't leave town sir"

Michael Rizzo Chessman - call to press members:

straight pride

President Putin frees victims in Ukraine
God bless you President Vladimir Putin! Our President based in Russia orders the formal recognition of the two Russian provinces in East Ukraine region - an area being shelled by Ukrainian forces unprovoked recently and after a live conference of Russian Leadership support officials during which President Putin outlined the history giving rise to this conflict, noting the $250 billion US dollars Russia has benefited Ukraine over the years having had no effect to the Ukrainians accepting the Russian populations of Crimea and Donetsk and Lugansk in the East area and in fact the violent overthrow of Ukraine's elected leaders back in 2014 brought a Nazi linked regime (see Oliver stones documentary video on the net - clip further below along with President Putin's comments on our Euro British Coalition youtube channel) along with Ukraine's new regimes blatant rejection of the Russian populations rights and even to the inhumane level of restricting the russian language in conversation! 1984?? sound like it. Thank goodness for this rescue seeming certainly godsent as Russian troops ordered in to restore order as need be - amen all the way folks! What bloody relief too long in the making fer crissakes folks. Russians have bonds that are FAMILY in this whole region - what the hell has the US as interest here other than furthering an empire which has run out of steam as lacking in any idea of sanity in what family related values to pursue - so whats the point fellas? Nows the time to call it quits here too equally i say - NOW!! amen to that "bro"...

EU President (prev) Rt Hon Antonio Tajani of Italy is a no-nonsense leader we need to hear more in control of the situation Rt Hon Russian based President Putin rightly speaks to in the clip following below, in the greatest such words of wisdom, delivered in timeliest manner by our greatest of world leaders in Europe Rt Hon President vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation on behalf of all "citizens of Rome" as it were - (speaking as our righter minded "pope" (planet leader) we say over official current pick)
Russian Coat of Arms
Rt Hon President Mr. Vladimir Putin of our Russian Federation

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass, rightly spells
out now EU Migrant Policy to replace the previous
madness here

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Mob Lynch of an arab condemned by Israel's Prime Minister
Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu
youtube logo Palestine continues under siege - time to call it quits here!
Foremost European Medical authority decries lockdown
strategy on Covid (The Honourable Professor 
Dr. Johan Giesecke based in Sweden)

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Wise comment on Covid strategy - Lockdowns found ineffective 

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A New York based Rabbi denounces covid mask based wisdom
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CDC Director (mid May 2021) on mask policies

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Michael Rizzo Chessman - Italian suit wardrobe
Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman -
Italian suits and flag shown

The latest comment from Ukraine's Foreign Minister -
take heed y'all

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Whites in South Africa facing threat of genocide or so it would appear

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Governor cuomo for president

Italian Deputy PM Mr. Matteo Salvini under indictment

A page on the tragic consequences of WWII
on the people of Europe and beyond

The similar madness of the war played out on Iraq
with sanctions described by British MP Sir George
Galloway as "infanticide posing as policy" (click here)

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An update on our recent blitz of the EU Commission Headquarters and
the EU Parliaments including centrally at Brussels. We made a concerted
effort to reverse policy gaffes based on EU Commission President Ms. Ursula
Vonder Leyen's misguided concepts as to the dignity of all men on the
planet, regardless seeming versus the entitlement of all to a life in Europe
regardless of real merit or otherwise as may be so. We understand new
policies were quickly to be announced that would include the end of
migrant quotas for EU member states including for example Hungary
and certainly Poland - with EU members being asked instead to contribute
Personnel to man the borders as an alternative way to participate in the
process of management of the problem caused by misguided thinking on
the part of Ms Von der Leyen and similarly we suppose Chancellor Merkel in
Germany. We included all sitting members at the Bundestag in Germany as
part of our blitz last week of September 2020

A call for relent from the most christianly of voices -
around the mideast assailed by wars and bigotry

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A note on the riots and terrible situation in Lebanon with pending economic
collapse looming - suggest Saudi stop buying US warplanes to bomb their
neighbours with (Yemen) and instead fork over some of that joint arab oil
wealth for the worthier folks in Lebanon overthe sharia religious zealots ruling
Saudi and Sheiks in Kuwait All monies paid for mideastern oil purchases from
Saudi and Kuwaiti sheiks should automatically go to the folks in Lebanon in the
main, with a portion of the proceeds  coming from all those who are guilty for
the war crimes  committed against Iraq's civilian and army personnel in what
was a greedy decision involving the bush mindset  on its own agenda equally
in feeding a bloated arms industry gone amok.

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Humour clip by Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman

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The most ably brilliant MP Sir George Galloway on Ukraine/Russia conflict
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Note: It is a clear fact which is significantly ignored by those seeking to be unfair to
the good people  of Russia (where is there any better spirited peoples  to be found
on the planet at this point of our "evolving situation" fer crissakes as it were) that
Crimea is Russian territory and has been since the mid 1700s when the Ottoman
Turks were sent away from this area, defeated in their battle to remain. It has since
always been populated by the Russians - still to this very day - and only for a brief
time under Ukraine administration - courtesy of a Soviet era internal decree. Crimea
is Russian fer crissakes - it aint fair to deny them this truth and right of continued self
determination. Elsewhere, in Ukraine proper, it must be noted that the Russian
population which is a significant part of the population there too, especially
in Eastern Province, where there has been a move to deny them the use of their own
mother tongue - if you can believe that! If you rule with oppression , you lose the
right in legitimate parlance, to maintain any such rule ultimately we say

President Putin interviewed on Ukraine/Belarus EU Gas delivery security concerns
for Russia/EU mutually in fact.
The BBC network seeks to here best explain Russia's
position on Ukraine, quoting President Putin
additionally as best Stated.

By the way, Crimea, which has been Russian territory for almost a millenea
was only for a brief while administered by Ukraine until recently when the
entire province voted to replace Ukraine with their own Russian Government
once more in administering the area - which as the clip below attests to,
Ukraine handled poorly, this area of Russian territory.

President Putin, in defence of the Family values of Humanist worth in Russian
space where we daresay the Irish spirit likewise plays second fiddle to none
(instead) - those allied against Russia seek noveau found "liberal" values
mainly focused on sexual deviance, and reverse racism as their "values focus"
instead. (See the full French produced documentary - Putin - The New Empire)

Wholesome, obviously then real  Irish spirited woman anchor at RT News gets
to the truth on warmongering in this interview performance example!

Ukraine and its USA based allies (including the Biden family who are clear
to have personally received millions from Ukraine's oil sector to "Hunter"
Biden hoping to see Russia blackballed out of utilizing NordStream II - which
 was built at Germany's own request, by the way, and has yet to be paid for by
 the way by those who stood to gain as consumers from added security of supply.
Why shoot  yourself in the foot we ask at the Bundestag - it simply gives Ukraine
 more funds at such financial and even more certain security of supply cost to the
 greater EU family (as it were)


bombshell!! Ukraine's smoking gun video -
frmr Ukrainian Prime Minister calling for
genocide against Russians including with
added employment of nuclear weapons
possibly - Ukraine President Zelensky
now pondering adding nukes into Ukraine

Ukraine along with by unrelated "Nato partners"

Explosive material from Masterful (Award winning)
Filmmaker Oliver Stone blows Ukraine's case all to
hell in this "do not Miss" documentary "Ukraine on Fire"
$8Cdn 48hr rental on itunes or download permanent
"free for fair enough such use" copy on the net at such
available download sites Clip below:

Master filmaker Oliver Stone tells all in his
explosive documentary "Ukraine on Fire" (brief clip)

chilling comments against Russia by VP
Miss Kamala harris delivered on a sunday
fer crissakes!!

white lives matter - angels of mercy

top UN advisor on Russia and American affairs
says Biden is bringing on a self fulfilling prophesy
which could just result in nuclear launch

Mercouris reports on US military intelligence
operative indicating Russia is using a soft approach
with Ukraine (for humane reasons of course)

Russian foreign Ministry Information Director
gives a supremely humanly spirited response
on questions related to casualty figures on
both sides. (Ms. Maria Zakharova personally
delivers impassioned speech comment)

bottom line explanation by western based
media observer on the political scene on tv

Typically just dishonest and disreputable
and here involved in an obvious smear
campign - Canada's justin Trudea
html5 video by ThunderSoft
French journalist based for years in
east Ukraine tells of horrid "crimes
against humanity" words carefully
chosen by her in describing these past
years of shelling and bombing by Ukraine
Militias and military, of Russian, civilian
population extant there, as she prepares
a new documentary with disturbing footage  

Honest-goodness speech at the uN security
council on the Russia-Ukraine situation

Top Pentagon advisor has advice for Zelensky
as to how to best save lives and do the very
most decent thing for all concerned

Insightful related comment by London Barrister (former)
Mr. Alexander Mercouris (orig hails from Greece) who points
out that 40% of Ukrainians already see themselves
as "one people, combined with Russia"

The US President who had the best spirit always showing is Rt Honourable
President Bill Clinton. (He's on at our related website 10topbestofmen.club)
He describes President Vladimir Putin and not only very smart - but very much a
decently honourable man in his own right.

Fox News Personality Mr. Tucker Carlson on the naivete of US Secretary
 of State Blinken and like-minded  so-called "allies" (currently on any such list)

Biden sends Kamala in to kick start the Ukraine move-in by Russian
Peacekeeping forces

An Orwellian level of state oppression at the Ukraine Rada
 prior to Russia's belated response

Ukraine has a democratic system of elected government
before the violent coup targeting russian folk for
elimination - its the US/nato forces that are on the
wrong side of democracy in this regard (and human
rights too by the way)

Profound concern for the planet under s0-called "western"
 leadership concerns now (President Assad speech)

If the USA did not mean any harm potentially from their long
standing funded biolabs in Ukraine, why not give a heads up
for safety  given they knew a war was coming
asks Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson

Ukraine's dictator (just listen to this fox news clip) Zelensky has a long
 known about record of suppressing human rights

China blames the US and Nato squarely for whats happened to Ukraine

Sir George Galloway reminds us of how Iraq was handled by NATO in
contrast to Russia's approach to Ukraine

Ukraine seeming to be unreasonable at making any promises
let alone complying with surrender terms

The US dragging this out, costing more lives potentially and
wasted planetary resources worldwide - Carlson's Fox News interview

Mr. Alexander Mercouris - Legal commentator from Greece and former London
based lawyer with the best insight to now finally take away from it all

Award Winning (American born) journalist out of Canada gives out
the actual truth on the whole Ukraine fiasco

Fox News Program Host Mr. Tucker Carlson sounds the alarm
"West" are being led by a dangerously demented US President intent
on "hot" war with Russia - depsite suicidally seeming along with
lacking any basic sanity in all this affair (Fox News - May 4th 2022)

Top RT News Anchor Ms. Faran Fronczak
(formerly FOX News, now appearing for
RT - god bless!!)
RT Host Ms Faran Fonczak