Computer recommendations based on experience

Compaq/HP is quality!

By the way, free programs are downloadable on the Internet to allow you to customize the start-up
 screen image and wallpaper background on netbooks running Microsoft Windows 7 starter edition
Buying a computer? Don't get took! Don't get anything but
a Compaq/HP PC!! Its a constant state of awe to see the 
quality these folks put into their stuff, over the years!
We use HP exclusively for our Computing needs in-house!  

New HP Tower model with i7 processor speed capability
Greatest leadership
We welcome management of all our industries
across the board by best leaders as truly most exemplified by
The Rt Hon Mr. Lee Iacocca (saviour of Chrysler)
 Rt Hon Mr. Lee Iacocca
A man with absolutely the greatest heart and mind to match!

Rogers (a greatest Internet Service Provider 
nationally) once had a great deal on the Compaq 
Laptop/ISP bundle Lovely folks work there especially!
Simply the nicest folks around to deal with in our own
experience!  Best overall deals usually found here
certainly including generous bundle offers too
along the way with with best performance by far given their 
prevailing heavier cabling infrastucture advantages in 
speed and bandwidth normally. Both Bell and Rogers have
special bandwidth possibilities with super-normal 
high-end fibre optic speeds for your extra special use 
needs - available in limited locales but growing. 

Rogers modems for even the giagbit
internet service package has always provided great support
including when making use of best VPN providers
additionally. Rogers has yet again just been rated the
fastest Internet service provider by a speed test 
reviewing service - this time it was the Netflix movie
Channel that has endorsed Rogers in this way too.

We are able to maintain 100% uptime so far this year during the many seeming momentary hydro failures in the area by using UPS equipment (APC brand mainly and Cyberpower brand too) on all our computers and storage source peripheral eqipment. We also use a basic Bell backup Internet modem to augment our higher speed Rogers modems for added safety reasons mainly.

This 7" hand held device from Proscan is a delightful
alternative to a laptop or Tablet to take along (it folds
conveniently in its leather carrying holster) so its a great
idea to take along to enable access to emails from just
about anywhere you take it along. Lovely style keyboard.
Hope to see uur local Internet service providers offering
these sort of designs soon! (HP please!)
Bell Hub 2000 Internet modem shown
Note Bell has lovely quality equipment (rogers
too) - however if using Bell, stick to their 2000HUB
Bell model now for most internet use, if you use a
VPN like most people (Recommend ExpressVPN
or Cyberghost)

Rogers and Bell are the two best service providers
for Internet, however, all things considered, its a
no-brainer to pick rogers wherever available and Bell
only as a backup provider where material to do so.
Rogers simply cant be beat for performance and
price - combined - and service that is simply
the best there is to be had in this town.
Nicest folks - bar none! We swear by them!

Right now we still prefer to use magicjack for
 voicemail forwarding to email and also have
(award winner for quality) direct wired landline
service locally. We've used both Rogers and Bell
over the years for this facility depending on
connection availability at our location at the time

Cheap homephone service alternative from
"magicjack"  ONLY $5/mo Here includes North
american long  distance and great voicemail, call 
display with email  forwarding  of voice message
received (requires internet connection with sufficient
available upload speeds). 
Bell's most reasonably priced cellphone service starts
at just $15 monthly - use a hand me down phone if need
be to save on purchase costs. For greater service, consider
that Rogers - never to be outdone in such ideas of thoughtfulness,
do come through with both name and number of the caller on your
cellphone while Bell for no apparent reason yet again only lets you
see a number - not the person's name on the other end of the call.

Prepare your taxes using free software and netfile
submit your return on-line free of charge too. Instant
assessment. (Depending on your level of income you
may have to pay a fee to use the software -
however most low to middle income earners don't
have to pay a thing to file as many as returns for 20
people each year) free (donations supported)
providers include:
Studio Tax Software and others

GoFlex Media players from of the good
old USA is a smarter way to go for those rejecting
thrash on TV and would rather play their own USB drive
sourced movies and documentaries with 720p - 2160p
res capability options - preferable to disc players for
many - and even providing chapter control of mpeg4
movies whether MP4 or MKV container styles used.
This also has been used to connect to the net
include sites such as youtube and maybe netflix if
you desire their content perhaps once in a while. best
to get your content from the net in a format you can
store and replay on demand without dependency on
TV providers showing very very poor (atrociously bad
even I say without hesitating) taste in selecting
content to provide to you instead - given
their own base of constituents who have a narrow
focus on egalitarian idealism and sense of equal in
what is to be considered content of relative "beauty"
and "worth"

This might be your best deal for premium News
Channels and more from the US and from Europe
right onto your computer with "hot button" instant
recording thoughtfully placed on-screen
by expert German software design companies
making this offer for unbelievably low cost. Get
around the embargo of human beautiful spirits
appearing on your screen with a fairer take on
matters of global concern for crissakes!

The best viewing we find on TV is the youtube channel -
also available through internet connected Smart-TVs - you
get the world of viewing choices - without all the CRTC
mandated garbage they are flogging as art (noveau would
you believe) around town just now. Yuck!! (Like someone
replacing your prime rib with sushi with no seeming
alternative for crissakes!!)
Euro standards only!
Polk Audio makes these cheap lovely little
Euro quality speakers in Latin America,
(once came bundled with selected HP
entry level PC offerings - great for your ipod too)

Greater quality from Western Manufacturers like
Bose and Altec Lansing

For more great ideas on the revival of Western based
quality in Stereo system offerings, please visit our
page here:


Support American products such as HP-Compaq!

HP has made great fax machines too!
HP printers for beauty!                     
An HP printer is a must! You can do beautiful work with
a model from the most reliable name in Printers - HP.
These folks set the standard and have never sold
anything but the best! And our most lovely gals
work there too! They sure do earn your business! At
now reduced current prices, (starter ink offering incl) 
its a steal!
Compaq-Hewlett Packard - don't leave
the store with anything less!

Intel makes sense to us!
When purchasing electronic chips and circuit
boards, rely on American ingenuity and quality
such as Intel, the world leader in processing
technologies, based on good old American know-how!
We salute Intel for its commitment to manufacturing
capacity expansion in Ireland including a somewhat recent
$2Billion dollar plant expansion here. Its really
the best place to gain our support

Western Digital USB Hard Drives we use!
We make exclusive use of several of these 4TB -20TB USB 3 Compatible Hard Drives from Western Digital - known for their quality for  decades in this business and delivering superior warranty  service where circumstances require - great folks indeed! many thanks! (by the way, we purchased them at "BestBuy" locations in and around the Toronto area now and then and recently mostly from amazon too - same day/next day) delivery often. Great looking idea for european plants in our own areas there too instead. Christmas 2020 update:
Just added (from gifts received) 20TB capacity using two of these similarly performing drives from Western Digital in their WD "Easy Store" Brand line offerings (BestBuy stores online-purchased - instant pickup too) - super high capacity drives at prices which clearly suggest "money left on the table" which should be used instead to reinvigorate
manufacturing of such quality designs "in our own backyard" for crissakes. Think of the advantages that is sure to bring!

Manage your small business Accounting on computer
(click here for tips)

 Get in on
the ipod

music and video to take along anywhere 
you go
      Wired and wireless Microsoft mouse offerings
We use Microsoft along with HP add-ons

This great quality looking Toshiba hand-held
sized model could be made by Europe based
suppliers to the world. Why not Italy and Germany
in partnership for starters - with Spain too

Toshiba Canvio hard drive - hand held

Kingston DT50 USB key from amazon sites
Kingston USB keys are great quality appearance
metal encased - so they dont fall apart eventually
like plastic alternatives - Should be made in Europe
Germany/Italy/Spain/Netherlands etc

multimedia player from amazon

IBM PS2 Personal computer offering
The Computer Company which launched an Industry with its early offerings of the "open architecture" styled Personal Computer was Boca Raton based IBM Company with products designed, engineered and built in the USA in Boca Raton with the best talent available, and the most professional Sales force catering to the markets here in best fashion. We need this Industry to be based in
areas of Europe based control once more, rather
than being farmed out to China as it is at present,
costing us control over our own markets and global
power positioning in general in this regard.

We also make use of this lovely vintage HP Computer monitor model
(We mainly use HP computer models)
What great homegrown good old USA humanly beauty of creative genius reflecting conscientiousness in purpose of designing and building quality to serve the needs of our folks in the family here, including merited employment for our best folks here I submit with care.


the innovative earlier models Apple computer - designed by an American of Syrian background - Mr. Steve Jobs- would you believe!

The DEC rainbow is a yet another
greatest example of American know
-how in producing the best in world
class quality  in years past.