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Euro British Coalition

Ideas on Policing

police lives matter - plate sold on net

Derivativa potestas non potest esse
major primitiva -
"Power delegated (to
law enforcement) cannot exceed that
which was its origin" -  (the legitimate
powers rightly of a state to begin with
resulting from "the social contract"
and justifiable measures to ensure
a truly functioning "civil society"
of best human ideals)

Beneficium dignis ubi des, omnes obligas 
"Where you confer a benefit on the worthy, you oblige all men" 

Nationally based Policing

A national police force  to replace all
current local police forces with actual
sanely high standards from sea to sea.
An over-viewing civilian body to ensure
impartial  investigations of complaints
against the  police.

support our poice - shamrock t-shirt spotted

Advocate for "Civil rights" Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman
Founder - / "white lives matter" movement additionally too

No "Harley Davidson" monstrosities when
a high powered BMW would do better. Volvos
across the board. Appropriate white colored
vehicles with  red and blue touches and coat
of arms. 

The Governor of California (Mr. Arnold 
Schwarzenegger) showed wisdom and
leadership in rejecting calls to extend the
life of convicted mass murderer (four 
murders) a fella named "tookie williams". 
It would have cost us $150K+ per year to 
house and feed this guy while prairie kids
do without adequate meals. That ain't so
Christianly, it really is better that justice 
was done. In the complete absence of 
this we suffer in ways hard to notice, feeling
hateful for lack of real good judgment all 
around. It wont bring back his victims, it will
make their families live saner, and it will
prevent other injustices similar to this.
Nicely done Governor!


The great Irish spirited folks of Canada who have long given
this country the reputation mainly too as where folks are
right Christian enough to you to once in a while give a break
in their right discretion in some lucky circumstance along the
way in what it is decent folks like to do for the community by
example. I even remember saying a sincere "thank you" for
receiving a ticket from a Policeman in Toronto just by
an overpass where I was topped for a minor speeding infraction
as the Christianly manner of his sort was nothing I intended to
see go unrewarded on our planet even if just by saying
"thank you" for the decent spirit in which our community is
therefore served. This was decades back, the face of the force
is seeming changed here and there compared to old memories
but nothing must be lost of what we must save of basic values.
Amen Michael Rizzo Chessman, Site founder (Clip below):


We demand an end to non-emergency Police
authorized towing of vehicles parked in "non parking"
spots for brief periods of time of less than a day.
A REASONABLY priced parking ticket works as well
provided it can be kept to around five bucks. The city
doesn't need to be padding pockets "downtown" by
stealing from the poor (poor in spirit that is as
that's all you make of victims of a tow).

Penalties threatened by the state for any act of
considered wrongdoing must be based on the best
objective notions to bring about deterrence and
true justice. Towing away a car parked in a
"no stopping after 4pm" zone when its only been
hardly a couple of minutes, the owner may be
hurrying back at that very moment, or momentarily
held up - in any event after 15 minutes (often rush
hour hasn't even yet begun in full swing for anyone
to even notice the car parked there a few minutes
after four) for instance. A parking ticket after a
period of grace could cost a nice breakfast and be
deterrence enuf for crissakes - a tow costs a driver
grief, plus a small fortune, ruins his family dinner
for some time all week even and causes grief
achieving neither any more deterrence sanely
considered or justice sanely considered. You can do
much better with reasonable rather than harsh,
cruel and maliciously designed therefore notions
of penalties instead as though that's how any sanely
reasonable person seeks to selectively raise taxes
as it were, such mindsets who do such wrong in
making up rules must be removed.


(wheres this fella below carrying this woman
off too huh!) Its a criminal matter for this state
to have investigated as a "life style choice here.
Apparently Canada has no sense of decency in law
enforcement in respect of common sense towards women.


Toronto styled manhandling
of women citizens

Palmam qui meruit ferat 
(Let him bear the palm who has deserved it).

OJ Autographs? No way!
A return of capital punishment to deter 
such cruelly stupid waste of life as 
previously occurred in Toronto with the 
shooting death of an Irish mom at a 
branch of The Toronto Dominion Bank.
Swift justice (hanging) for such offences
could deter these sorts of criminals who
do not respect human life otherwise, from
taking it. Same for the
Just desserts murder
of a French woman - a case
concluded years ago here in Toronto. There
appeared to be little actual remorse to show of,
on the faces of the convicts. 

PROMPT deportation of ALL such UNDESIRABLE
criminals to countries from which they came
from. Across the board!

We have to question the sanity of folks
who requests autographs from OJ Simpson etc
(he stands
convicted in civil court of causing the 
gruesome slitting of the throat of 

a rather fragile dear woman of our own community
here stateside!) Yet apparently, some church
going sorts think that's cause for celebration
in the adoration of a "star". Or so it would appear.
Autographs for crissakes!!!! (even after??)
Hope we got this wrong, folks! We just don't think
this has been rightly disposed of by the courts
as yet. We plan some legal action in superior court
on the matter if in fact the judge will hear of it 
all over again.

We just think its gotta cost you more than a tow
of the Bentley parked in your driveway if you get
up to doin stuff like this. Who's to be next?

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Panel discussion excerpt from Charlie Rose show
above regarding the OJ Simpson Criminal trial
verdict ends with the conclusion that justice is
viewed along racial lines given the obvious sense
and degree of polarization involved. (Fair use
privilege claimed absolutely on youtube video
- ta!)

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Fair justice is ALL we seek and in this we are 
firmly committed. It starts with an awakening on
moral matters in an atmosphere which reeks of


The admitted killers of Kimberly Proctor
got only ten years before parole for
brutally raping, murdering and physically
assaulting before spending hours after
she had died, butchering her body 
with knives - and then burying her remains
before dumping her body - such men are 
psychopaths who are certain to re-offend
 - yet Canadians give 'em a sweetheart deal
as there's always a bleedin hearted lunatic
willing to give a pervert a break they don't
got coming to them - for crissakes man!

Remember Vince Li on a tourist visa from china
who cannibalized an unsuspecting victim on a
"Greyhound bus" tip before horrified witnesses?
This bugger roams free in the city courtesy of the
notorious Criminally insane plea bargain system.
Where the hell is justice in that? That's what the
death penalty was meant as most justifiable for!

victim of "male" violence - dear Ms. Gabby Petito
Dear Ms. Gabby Pettito's cowardly killer should
have had the "chair" for his gruesome violence to
the best of women, resulting in her death at his hands. Such filth as this should lay off our women if they lack the sense to treat them as they should. She was an angelic spirit, as all could see of her. Bastard!!

Comedian (greatly popular) Mr. Chris Rock on
rooting out misogynist evil

Affirmative Action

An end to discriminatory practices which deny 
the best candidate for the position in favour a 
lesser qualified candidate whether the
candidate receiving the benefit of such 
discrimination be requiring it on the basis of 
their race, sex or sexual orientation.

Reversal of discrimination
Also, we have documented clear cases of
so-called "reverse discrimination" against
the exclusion of Irish women in hiring
practices at Toronto businesses such as some
coffee chains that have zero whites at many of
their locations despite our protests to them and
our filing of a human rights complaint which has
yet to be heard after six months on the books.
Why not practice 100% fairness here? People otherwise
become hateful and that is something we don't wish to see 

Zero whites here!
Latin: (on affirmative action)
bene merenti mala es
male merenti bona es  - Plautus 

To a man well deserving of good, you are doing evil instead!
Its to a man ill deserving of good, where you "the do good" instead

No more needless "strip searches" for a
dehumanizing "stupid thrill" Its nothing but rape

Use a female nurse operated body scanner if need be

End the use of handcuffs - unless really and truly 
individually justified for a time

Traditional "monkey styled" paddy wagons for
certified lunatics only please!


Crazy seeming talk on so-called seeming
reparations?? Yah!!

Senator Mr. Ted Cruz speaks of American
malfeasance the world should notice -
something very seriously wrong here!!!

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Wh needs any kinda proof anyways on "woke"?
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Former Dutch MP and Harvard Theorist Ayaan
Hirsi Ali speaks of the rejection of conventional
Human morality concepts in America using the
word "Nihilism" which is used in the normal
vernacular to expose evil masquerading
as credible alternative to Humanist wisdom

  (excerpted from the youtube posted complete video)

Incoming Police Chief Mr. Myron Demkiw faces
opponents from such ideas of faculty staff at the
University of Toronto who fancy the elimination of
Police protection for honest citizens
go figure!!!
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Video loading above

Chief Justice of South Africa (frmr) on his own notions of "fair play" (He is addressing a white SA judge"
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Video loading above

An end needed to mob rule stateside - amidst
widespread looting with violence involved fer crissakes

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Sir Michael Rizzo Chessman
Mr. Michael Rizzo
Leader -
Euro British Coalition
Click here for bio of our founder


Canada's own Justin Trudeau is given the job of Prime
Minister He's latest accomplishment appears to have
been to replace the National flag with his own LGBT flag
paraphernalia outside the official Office of the PM and
Privvy Council

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Support "free" (responsible) speech on right opinions!
Stand against the so-called "tyranny of the majority"
in what is referred to the "cancel culture" - the
oppression of all decent humankind by an abusive freak
thinking mindset seeking to  'erase what is not anything
in fact but real, actually true sanity" - no less
than just that - (in favour of the inanest ideas imaginable
instead) view our Mr. John Stuart Mill clip below:


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Mr. paul Fromm - speech advocate

The National Post
(Half page coverage)
November 20th, 1999   
featured Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman

hic design below by Creston Valley AdvanceBC Newspaper) - modified to add union jack in upper corner, Feb 2006)



Our Policy Statement advert biggest single run
(20 million potential readers)

was in

Newsweek Magazine
(full page - Feb 20th issue US/Canada)

Policy Statement Advertisement Full Page Colour -
October 1999 issue

Policy Statement Advertisement Lovely Spring 2000 issue
(Two million readers worldwide)

Letter to Editor by Michael E. Chessman September 19th, 2005
The following statement by
Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman was printed by the
Publisher of Canada's own best circulation "Macleans

"In order for life to be supported, there must  be a meaningful
existence at stake. The pain and suffering of all involved must
be considered. If life can only be justified on the basis that life
is always a right and must  be sustained only for this reason,
then I suggest that we are being irrationally defensive rather
than truly good."

Michael Chessman
(Founder - Coalition for a Humanistic Euro British Canada)

  (Tel) 416-504-5729

Radio coverage
Mr. Chessman appeared on several talk shows on
Radio in 1999 including
CJOB Manitoba and
stations in Edmonton, Vancouver and a
Syndicated program across Canada

In the CJOB interview there was great
controversy as a result of Mr. Chessman's
insistence that we only hire"the most
competent people"
to ensure "FAIRNESS".

 Mr. Chessman accepted an invitation from Melbourne's 
radio to speak on issues that had led to riots in Australia relating
to racial unrest.

Ms. blanchard
Ms. Shanna Blanchard - Real woman powerfully assaulted in face by RCMP
"crew member" Broken nose, broken teeth plus bag over head used fer crissakes
for cover!!

Is no one going to be held accountable? We watch and we wait. Still. (Incident occurred
June 2020 - Nanaimo BC - wellness check involving woman who locked herself in
bathroom - feeling depressed - that was the "cure" she received from an apparent
renegade seeming still on the force fer crissakes)

CBC news story link here 
(Youtube video loading below)

The "Royal" Canadian Mounted Police  in BC have yet to respond in
a human manner on what action to be taken in the case of a clear
brutally aggravated assault against a now even more depressed
member of the BC emergency response team. The assault having
being carried out by a member of a team of fully 5 official seeming
armoured vehicles of BC RCMP forces - in response to the concern
she was "depressed" Only in Canada eh! pity... oh maybe none
to be had - read all about it! its all here,
on this page...

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Canadian styled extremist radical groups on both sides of the
american border, which are racially motivated in the service
of their own interests against the good of the state are
repeatedly calling for the abandonment of law enforcement
staffing in favour of paying their own community members to give
each other "support" through "counseling" instead. we would have
no Police in our communities if these types had their way, to respond
to murders, rapes, violent assaults, property offences including
theft and home invasions. And what have you. all of which members
of such organizations have supporters linked to in communities and
are therefore asking us for a blank cheque to raid our coffers in
order to make them "equal". Any speech calling for the end of Police
protection for the community overall must be banned as racially
motivated hate speech (lacking merit) and in any event speech with
clear intent to aid and abet crime with impunity and anarchy even to
follow if these nuts could actually follow through with moral
imbeciles like PM Trudeau (always rabble rousing as he is) giving
them support from within the parliamentary system god forbid.
Lets throw this entire mindset off the stage and into oblivion in
civil matters I submit with care.

Abuse resulting from prostitution


Prostitution must be legalized, protected
and regulated in all civilized countries.
It is the most natural of conditions found in all 
societies and communities when practiced from

Ways must be found to help women to refuse
all forms of abuse because they have alternatives
available to them. Alternatives that we are
committed to seeing in place regardless of the
complete and ultimate cost to any and all
involved that would stand in this stead as rejecters
of that which is good. Prostitution with poor
partners is abuse which leads to ill health
including overly hateful disposition. Lets end
it in this respect. It is the very worst form of abuse
imaginable to inflict on their human souls

Male "officers" are never to handle women in any
intimate manner at all.  And that, fellas,  means
"hands off!"

By the way, women workers in "strip clubs" should be guaranteed
twice the minimum wage and given protection against an invasion
of their intimacy unless they consent by their own free will - stage
dances should only be to the extent of a "tease" while full nudes
in private only and as appropriate only for society in that poor
choices aren't being forced upon these women. Let them decide
freely for themselves. its their life - and we must make it sane
enough an environment  for them to have a real choice. Women
who do not discriminate in granting intimacy go insane over time

Teach the kids in a Christianly way!


Private Clubs should feel free to be discriminating 
as to who they wish for their own members 
(freedom of association) whether they choose to 
do so on the basis of considerations which include 
race, sex, sexual orientation, political views, 
educational persuasion, etc.

There is to be NO legislating of friendships
and association. We would encourage, for
example, men and women from universities
forming their own private clubs where they
may sip a brandy, attired in formal uniform and
discuss the future of our nation. We would leave
it up to them to select their own members.
harassing us to include you if we don't want you.
We don't ask everyone to have us in their clubs -
so where do individuals get off being bossy on
such issues that are militants in this respect?

Invitat culpam qui peccatum praeterit
"He, invites guilt - who overlooks such crime" 

 Case of Dear Ashley Smith

youtube logo - video loading aboveVideo loading below::

This young woman was assaulted by prison guards armed
with electrical  devices (tasers) similar to how they killed
Robert Dzaikannski (see above) She was continually deprived
of sleep in a "torture cell"over years of such treatment in 
Canada. We want Justice for Ashley Smith too for being abused
 "to death" while being in an Psych type Prison.

The matter is still being looked into by
Ombudsman Mr. Bernard Richard of New
Brunswick, who does seem humanly concerned
however he appears to lack the powers
needed to see charges laid and the system
forever reformed.
We will have a website soon setup in Ashley's
honour with material we believe should be kept
front and centre till justice is complete.

Ovem lupo commisti
(You have entrusted the sheep to the wolf)

Inane styled human rights abuses examples of Canada

youtube logo - video loading above
Video loading above
Shown on this revealing youtube video is the worst caliber
of offender type on the police-force in what is an obvious
display of mishandling of a human being (woman citizen)
in an inanely abusive display of a power trip which seems
quite insane against both her in the main, along with her
attending boyfriend towards the conclusion when he is
threatened with arrest for nothing more than asking in
good question - "why?" - why are you acting this way - and
that says it all in what seems as inhumanly feigning to drive
someone insane rather than give full and reasonable timely
disclosure and be open to humanly reasonable argument
against arbitrary seeming abuse of a badge worn by "police"

News item of related interest:
News Source: (CBC) In 1991, Gwen Jacob was found guilty of one count of
committing an indecent act and fined $75.  During her court case, she
argued that women's breasts are just fat tissue, not unlike men's. But in
his ruling, the judge said a woman's breast is "part of the female body that
is sexually stimulating to men both by sight and touch," and should not be
uncovered in public. In 1996, the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned
Gwen Jacob's conviction, saying "there was nothing degrading or
dehumanizing in what the appellant did. The scope of her activity was
limited and was entirely non-commercial. No one who was offended was
forced to continue looking at her."

We also dont believe the use of thongs to be therefore
"nudity" per se in effect

Absurdum est ut alios regat, qui seipsim regere nescit
(translation: It is absurd that he who does not
know how to govern himself should govern

Cryin "wolf" on so-called "racial profiling"
against Police/Law enforcement in general by BLM

youtube logo - video loading above
Video loading above

George Floyd Mugshot
George Floyd had a lengthy police record
and would in Canada likely have been declared
a "dangerous offender" Those found to befit
this designation at law are held in prison
confinement without any let-up for life

(His record of violence included repeat violent
home invasions which would mainly too have
earned him a Dangerous Offender sentence)

We therefore plan to make a submission in
light of these compoundingly added facts in
order to actually ensure a more just outcome
ultimately each time - with such factors as would
be normally considered we believe surely. amen
Since floyd had Ingested a lethal dose of fentanyl
(autopsy testimony) and was complaining of being
"unable to properly breathe" long before
officer chauvin had him restrained, the altogether
exculpatory nature of the evidence he must be
released without delay we demand:

youtube logo - video loading aboveVideo loading below
Foxnews announcement segment just excerpted from youtube

Commentary by Ms. Candace owens, investigative journalist

Florida  Police detachment ok's homeowners
protecting against home-invasion with lethal force

Don Lemmon falls flat on ideas of reparations (CNN Host)
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Video loading above

We need more leaders like (NYPD Chief?) Mr. Joe
Cardinale across the board everywhere we choose
to live fer crissakes!!

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youtube logo - video loading aboveVideo loading above
the truth on the state of Biden's own mind on this youtube
commentator clip

Many corporate and govt
administration leader members have
warmed up to the idea of promoting
BLM related agenda items instead.
Senator cruz thinks this promotes
anti-white activism including potential
terrorist ideations around,
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This documentary nails it on slavery (one minute clip)
youtube logo - video loading aboveVideo loading above

html5 video by ThunderSoft youtube logo - video loading aboveVideo loading above

youtube logo - video loading aboveVideo loading above
The President of the United States the
Honourable Joe Biden needs to resign
over his draconian seemingly pro-
crime attitude in favour of criminal
gang elements as Senator Cruz points
out in the clip above Senator Kennedy
sums up the attitude towards law
enforcement going downhill, with is
comment below:

Oppressive mindsets now in charge stateside have "gotta go"
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Saddening tragic event for family at large

youtube logo - video loading aboveVideo loading above

Rather insane to think the perpetrator
mainly being given excuses to the
extent of calling him "also a victim"
whereas this looks like evil running
amok in such random acts of cruelty
directed at two women knife attacked
at random in Toronto Canada

Senator Kennedy of the United
States Senate asserts its safer
in A in select African capital
cities than say "New York"
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A young black individual speaks
to the issue involving black crime
and punishment
youtube logo - video loading aboveVideo loading above

Posted by "Insane nutter" on youtube, here is some idea of "comedy"
by Black Comedian Mr. Chris Rock - titled
"How to not get your ass kicked by the police"
(Chris no doubt means well folks so relax about his sense of humour
 we'd suggest)

youtube logo - video loading aboveVideo loading above
His ideas on "rap music" also should apply to
restaurants/supermarkets I should add! ha ha
Some folks just don't look the type to
be wearin one of our badges when they cant think straight for even
one minute to sanely handle a brief chat with this senior army officer
here who is targeted for indoctrination into "stupid ideas of feigning"
rather than being humanly good and decent too - includin the white folks
they unfairly treat this way too ultimately no doubt I say!! (video from
officer bodycam)
(officer subsequently
fired - thank goodness)

lookee here at who's preachin to whom!

html5 video

Memphis Black Woman Police Chief
seems incompetent with these
inadequate words for crazed seeming
(5 Black Officers involved on clear
video) Police violence directed at a
helpless black man, Tyrone, who is civil
in this clear video evidence depiction,
so as to make the entire incident
incomprehensible seeming for a
decent community to have to bear
seeing played out in such manner fer

chris kaba
partially extracted from wikipedia note:
Chris Kaba was a member of the rap group 67, who was shot dead by police in Streatham Hill,
London, England, on 5 September 2022. On the day of the shooting, an unmarked vehicle followed
the car Kaba was driving (which had been linked to a firearms incident the previous day) until
it met a police road block. Armed police who had been in a marked car approached on foot. Witnesses
said that Kaba refused to leave the car and drove it into one of the police cars. One of the armed
officers fired a single round at Kaba through the car windscreen. He was taken to hospital but died
of his injuries the following day. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) then began an
investigation into the shooting. In September 2023, a police officer was charged Murder in relation
to this predictable outcome.